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We are SEECing individuals and entities that have skills in digital marketing, content creation, and digital technology; as well as the passion to improve the resiliency of the small businesses in our community. We have $250,000 and the interest of over 31 small businesses across Schoharie County. We, at SEEC, want to connect you to our small businesses to create impactful change!


Recent events have highlighted the necessity for small businesses to have robust digital strategies in place to overcome shortcomings in the infrastructure of the traditional economy, but reports indicate that 38% of rural small businesses say they can’t hire the talent with the right digital skills in their area. The Schoharie County small business community needs support and tools to overcome future economic shocks by improving digital strategies and retooling their business model for an ever-expanding digital economy.

Schoharie Economic Enterprise Corporation (SEEC) is issuing this Request for Qualifications (RFQ) to solicit interest of digital marketing, content creators and technology specialists pursuant to federal procurement standards (24 CFR 85) and New York State Office of Homes & Community Renewal (NYSHCR) procurement guide. SEEC will utilize a qualifications-based procurement procedure to evaluate firms or individuals that may respond to this RFQ assessing demonstrated capacity to meet deliverables outlined in this request.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, SEEC, in cooperation with the Schoharie County economic development Alliance, is asking qualified digital marketing strategists, content creators and technology specialists to support the movement of small businesses to online commerce. Paid in part by grant funding, professional service firms will be matched with select local businesses that have not fully realized the power of digital marketing.

The overall project goals:

  1. Increase the talent pipeline of digital skills (cloud, digital marketing) available to assist Schoharie County businesses to address reports that indicate 38% of rural small businesses say they can’t hire the talent with the right digital skills in their area.
  2. Increase adoption of digital training and digital tools by rural small businesses so they can scale their operations. Reports have suggested rural businesses may stabilize post-COVID and gain upwards of 23% sales increase by adopting digital strategies.
  3. Focus services toward enterprises with twenty-five (25) or fewer employees; those that experienced impacts or pivots during the pandemic who now have a renewed interest in adopting technology.

It is anticipated that at least 20 business projects will be undertaken and completed by August 2022; therefore, multiple digital marketing strategists, content creators and tech specialists are likely to be engaged. Participating local businesses may be eligible up to $55,000 grant award.


About the Digital Strategies Initiative:

  • Grant-funded, economic development-led effort in response to the pandemic
  • Cooperative attempt to identify a stable of experts that will support rural businesses (38% cannot find specialists to serve their business)
  • Modeled after other successful programs in nearby states
  • Anticipate multiple vendors will be engaged over the 12-month grant-funded period
  • Each business owner will work with an individual digital/tech vendor to undertake a project
  • Each project will be priced, authorized and paid individually, reimbursed by the grant program


Digital Strategist and Tech Skills we are seeking:

  • Demonstrated ability to utilize digital tools for small business to their fullest potential.
  • Demonstrated ability to assess existing business practices and identify suitable platforms for implementation.
  • Appreciation for multi-channel marketing plans (online, print, radio and tv) that is supplemented by digital strategies.
  • Technical experience designing and delivering social media marketing campaign with measurable results.
  • Understanding and competency to implement the tactics of a marketing and advertising campaign ie
    • website design and development
    • e-commerce platforms
    • social media marketing (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok etc.)
    • photography
    • videography and live streaming
    • reference and utilization to print, radio and tv
    • analytics of the campaign, measures of success
  • Understanding and competency in full suite of e-commerce platforms.
  • Inclination to create a directory of affordable platforms that may be useful for small businesses ie. StreamLabs, HootSuite, Loomly
  • Willingness to train business owners to efficiently and effectively manage campaigns moving forward.


Selection Process and Criteria:

In evaluating proposals, SEEC shall give the following evaluation factors the following weight or relative importance in the selection process:

1.     The overall capacity of the consultant/specialist to include the range of services and experience with digital marketing strategies.  


2.     The technical skills and experience of the designated project manager and other individuals assigned to proposed project.  


3.     Communication skills of the respondent, must show the ability to prepare written and visual information in a clear and concise manner and must be willing to provide timely accurate information in response to inquiries from SEEC and/or the business owner.  


4.     Expression of Interest submitted as video introduction. 10%
5.     Demonstrated collaboration with other reputable firms to supplement technical services and/or to achieve M/WBE contract requirements, if needed.  


6.     Affordability, while the initial project is intended to be grant-funded, continued access to digital professionals should be within reach of small business. Be sure to include typical pricing and/or hourly rates in the RFQ submission.  


7.     References 5%
TOTAL 100%



We strongly encourage digital marketing professionals to express their interest ASAP via a 2-minute video introduction upload to our website at

The two-minute VIDEO Introduction should include:

  • Firm introduction
  • Statement of interest to support Schoharie County Digital Strategies Initiative
  • Firm specialty service
  • Successful project reference (name and URL or social handles)
  • List top two questions any small business should ask a digital marketing consultant prior to engaging services

Please express your interest via 2-minute video introduction by Friday, January 14. 


Requirements for complete written submission:

For the proposal to be considered, it must include the following:

  1. General company brochure including a description of services that the firm provides for its clients;
  2. Resumes of staff who would be serving and representing the project;
  3. Hourly rates for staff that would represent the project and typical project estimating approach;
  4. Listing of projects undertaken of a similar size and scope to the proposed projects, including location, project description, project cost, and other relevant information; and
  5. References, including names, addresses, and telephone numbers from at least three current or former clients.

Complete written RFQ Submittal by Friday, January 21 at noon.

Both forms of submission are required to qualify!

All submissions will be accepted online at

Questions? Contact SEEC Associate via


Written Submission Form | Video Submission Form