A collection of photographs that portray finding my voice as a photographer, empowered by art and community.

About the artist:

Christine Harris reinvented her life when she made the move from Los Angeles to upstate New York in search of a simpler life. In Sharon Springs, she discovered a vibrant arts community that nourished her creative spirit and sparked the discovery of a new career. As an artist, Christine was drawn to the beauty and intricacies of flowers, honing her technical skills and developing a keen eye for detail through her floral photography. “With each flower I photograph, I strive to capture its grace and beauty, its delicate lines and curves,” she says. “The magic happens when I process the images, revealing something new and unexpected, a glimpse into the soul of the subject.” Christine brings this same level of artistry and attention to detail to her portrait photography. She’s capable of “seeing” the unique essence of her subjects and translating that into soul-revealing portraits that capture her client’s “light”. It’s a privilege to be allowed to see people at their most authentic and true selves through the lens,” she says. “It is a calling that I am thankful for every time I pick up my camera.”


Mar 21 2023


9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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287 Main


287 Main
287 Main Street, Schoharie 12157
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