Wholesale Readiness: Distribution & Logistic Costs

Wholesale Readiness: Distribution & Logistic Costs

Join CADE as we invite Myron Thurston of CCE to unpack the complexities of distribution logistics in today’s economy. This webinar will cover benchmarks and decision making tools to understand if your business is wholesale ready. From the nitty gritty of uniform packaging and invoicing, to the big picture sales channel diversification, we’ll dive into wholesale readiness with a critical eye on the moving target of: shipping, distribution and logistics. Specifically, hear about Myron’s research and work in Nourish New York, Farm to Institution and Transportation Logistics for a full picture approach at making wholesale-readiness decisions. Read more about Myron on our website by clicking the link below. Remote workshop.


Jan 31 2023


6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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