Schoharie County Announces RFP to Install Community-Wide Wi-Fi

The County of Schoharie, NY is initiating a Request for Proposals (RFP) to install community-wide Wi-Fi.

The County and Village of Schoharie are placing emphasis on 21st Century infrastructure investments in response to the Coronavirus crisis. The proposed Wi-Fi program will meet local needs by diminishing the negative impacts of future economic shock events. In the last decade, residents in the Village of Schoharie have been over-burdened with climate and public health disaster declarations.

In response to the COVID crisis, this project will enable residents to access internet services through publicly available Wi-Fi access. Benefits include:

• Continuing critical remote education and telehealth services on new broadband

• Maintaining socialization and soft skill, emotional or intellectual development which may continue to occur in the digital realm despite what may be happening in the physical world

• Utilizing outdoor public spaces to live, work and play while enjoying healthy and safe social distances.

The County of Schoharie has been awarded Community Development Block Grant – Coronavirus funding to underwrite design and implementation of a Wi-Fi system serving the Village of Schoharie. The County seeks a reputable technology company to undertake the Wi-Fi project.

Click Here to Access the RFP

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