“SEECing” to Connect Digital Marketing Professionals to $250,000 in Grant Funding

An Opportunity to Work with Small Businesses to Foster Resiliency

(December 28, 2021) SCHOHARIE, NY – Schoharie Economic Enterprise Corporation (SEEC) is seeking qualified individuals and entities that have skills in digital marketing, content creation, and digital technology to improve the economic resiliency of small businesses in Schoharie County. SEEC, in cooperation with Schoharie County government, has secured a $250,000 grant to distribute direct to businesses for development and implementation of digital marketing strategies. To date, the program has garnered interest of over 30 small businesses.

Businesses may be awarded up to $55,000 grant per digital marketing assignment.

Digital marketing professionals interested in assisting the small business applicants for this grant program should respond to SEEC’s Request for Qualification (RFQ) by January 7, 2022. Interested parties can find and submit their RFQ online.

The submissions for this RFQ are in two parts. The first submission is a 2-minute video introduction of your organization, which is due by January 7th, 2022. The second part is a written submission, due on January 21st, 2022. The details about the submissions and the specific requirements can be found on SEEC’s website and within the details of the RFQ.

In brief, digital marketing professionals that would like to participate in the $250,000 Community Development Block Grant program allocations will have to:

  • Demonstrate digital marketing, content creation, and/or digital technology skills
  • Be paired with local business applicants of the grant program to help them develop and deliver a scope of work implementing digital strategies by summer 2022

All submissions will be reviewed and sorted based on professional service specialties.

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