The Mayor’s Nest – Spreading Positivity

Just two more editions to go before our big local elections. It reminds me how difficult running for office often is and how glad I am to not be seeking any. There are many good-hearted people seeking an opportunity to build our many communities. We have some election coverage in this week, with much more coming in our next edition. It’s going to be jam-packed, so it’s one that is certainly not to be missed.

Several things happened this week that I wanted to bring to your attention. I think that as a whole, our three counties are getting somewhere.

Our own Mike Ryan wrote about the progress at Pratt Rock and mentioned on WRIP’s great Reporter’s Notebook about the work of Carolyn Bennett regarding the rehab at Pratt Rock, which is exciting. He mentioned the working of Supervisor Kristin Tompkins in the project. I also had a chance to talk with Councilman Greg Cross Wednesday, who laid out positive ideas on how to improve Prattsville. I was very happy to hear his experience, including as a former Supervisor. Of course, I have to praise Carolyn for her dedication to the Pratt Museum, the community, and the local area. She remains a major force for good and a stalwart for our shared future.

Wednesday night I attended the meeting of the Schoharie County Village Officer’s Association. It was a great event put on by Middleburgh’s Pasta and Grill. Our guest speaker was the head of SEEC, Julie Pacatte, who talked about her experience and how she is bringing it to our area to build Schoharie County’s economy. Thanks to the efforts of local leaders like Tom Putnam, Jim Becker, Eric Stein, Peter Johnson, Kevin Neary, and Ben Overing, SEEC’s mission is a noble one and one that is backed by both public and private support. I am looking forward to their work. Special thanks to SCVOA’s president Patty Johnstone and Middleburgh’s Deputy Mayor Trish Bergan for putting on the event.

I look forward to seeing more progress and the election results. When they’re over, I hope that we will have dozens of new and old faces ready to take on the challenges we face.

Matthew Avitibile


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