Verify Your Broadband Access


Schoharie County, NY (July 26, 2022) – The New York Department of Public Service has recently published New York’s most robust broadband mapping which identifies areas served and unserved. SEEC (Schoharie Economic Enterprise Corporation) and Schoharie County government are encouraging every Schoharie County household to verify the New York State broadband map accuracy. SEEC and Schoharie County will use the results to advocate for the funding necessary to expand and improve broadband services in our communities.

SEEC is organizing to set goals and a framework to ensure Schoharie County is ready to take advantage of the multi-million dollar state and federal broadband funding that is in the pipeline. Creating the goals and framework will require continued collaboration in community leadership and community support. In agreement with the County Office of Community Development, the first step is to support the data collection efforts of the State. “We need each household to verify the accuracy of the state broadband maps as soon as possible to help Schoharie County make the most of grants that will surely follow,” remarked Shane Nickle, Senior Planner, Schoharie County.

In 2022, SEEC and the County started work to close the digital divide as essential to economic development. The successful launch of the Digital Marketing Grants for businesses late last year garnered dozens of applications, confirming there is a clear need for improved digital infrastructure and a desire to move toward a 21st-century economy.  Another call for grant applications is anticipated in early August for small businesses willing to implement digital marketing strategies. Grants up to $55,000 will be made available to qualifying businesses, amounts based on the number of employees and scope of work readiness.

Also made possible through CARES Act funding in collaboration with Schoharie County and the Village of Schoharie, a community broadband accessibility effort is underway. Schoharie County has contracted with MIDTEL to install Wi-Fi for residents that will strengthen access where gaps exist, ideally, providing a boost to commerce, learning and healthy socialization. A formal solicitation of Wi-Fi installers was initiated in March and awarded in June.

To verify the accuracy of the New York State broadband mapping visit:

Contact SEEC at 518-517-1700 or or the County Office of Community Development Services at 518-295-8770 for support previewing the state broadband maps and/or to provide feedback.

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