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Success Story

Nan Stolzenburg Named to Planning College of Fellows! 

Schoharie County’s very own Nan Stolzenburg has achieved the planning profession’s highest honor by being named to the prestigious American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) College of Fellows!

She is one of 53 inductees into this year’s College of Fellows. This honor comes after a thorough nomination process, ensuring the candidate has had a positive, impactful career in the planning profession. 

Ms. Stolzenburg has dedicated her career to improving the vitality, resiliency, and environmental health of New York’s small and rural communities and we are thrilled to see her and her work honored.  

Click here to read more about Ms. Stolzenburg’s prestigious achievement! 

Business Spotlight

What’s Brewing at Wayward Lane?

Schoharie County brewery, Wayward Lane Brewing, took Hobby Farms Magazine into the behind the scenes action that makes the brewery and their excellent products possible.

From beekeeping, to brewing using permaculture orchard grown fruit, and of course, the Merlin the Brewery Cat and the many other animal friends, there is plenty to be excited about at Wayward Lane Brewing in 2022.

Be sure to check out this article to find out more about what is brewing at Wayward Lane.

Photo: Courtesy of Wayward Lane Brewing


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