SEEC steps up with $

Highland Hollow in Schoharie and the Community Library in Cobleskill are the latest recipients of SEEC Resiliency Grants. Highland Hollow plans to use its grant to move its planned USDA slaughterhouse ahead. Specifically, the funding will go toward developing a FDA-required Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point plan, a management system that addresses food beginning with raw material production and continuing through procurement and handling, to manufacturing, distribution, and consumption of the finished product. Highland Hollow just recently received their USDA li-cense to process meat. The Community Library plans to use its grant to purchase approximately nine Chromebooks and a charging station for patron use. Because of COVID, the library has returned to curbside pick-up only; patrons will be able to borrow the Chromebooks now. After COVID, they will be used for library literacy programs and training.

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