Town and Village of Schoharie Seek Community Feedback

The Town and Village of Schoharie are initiating work to update their original Joint Comprehensive Plan, originally adopted in 1997. The Committee charged with drafting the plan will be meeting in August. The Town and Village have also agreed to submit a joint application to the $10,000,000 State Downtown Revitalization Initiative (DRI) program and the $4,500,000 New York Forward (NYF) program in which robust community input is desired.

To provide information for both the Comprehensive Plan update and the DRI and NYF efforts, a brief community engagement survey will launch at the end of August to gain feedback on proposed priority investments for the Village, Central Bridge Hamlet and the area surrounding Interstate-88 Exit 23. This survey will be available at the start of the process to direct the Comprehensive Plan update in addition to helping to inform the Town and Village as they cooperate on the two funding applications.

Since 1966 the Town and Village of Schoharie have worked together in community visioning and planning and continue to do so through the new Comprehensive Plan update process. and continue to do so through the new Comprehensive Plan Update process. A Comprehensive Plan is a written document formally adopted by the local Town and Village boards that contains vision, goals, objectives, and strategies for the future of the community. Comprehensive Plans typically address growth and development, environmental protection, housing and recreation needs, capital improvements, infrastructure, and economic development.

“Community engagement is key to creating sustainable, healthy, equitable and vibrant places for current and future generations,” remarked Nan Stoltzenburg, Principal, Community Planning & Environmental Associates, the organization facilitating the comprehensive planning process for the Town and Village. “A brief survey will be circulated August – September for early feedback needed for the DRI/NYF grant request but this will be one of many other public engagement opportunities that will be offered throughout the comprehensive process. In the next 6 months, there will be additional surveys, public open houses, focus groups, and other engagement efforts.

Community Planning and Environmental Associates is teaming up with SEEC to launch a brief survey for the residents and business owners to respond informing the DRI and NYF applications due at the end of September.

“We will be calling for new ideas and featuring proposed public and private investments that may spur new business, job creation, housing diversity and improved quality of life, “remarked Autumn Roney, SEEC Associate who is coordinating the DRI and NYF grant applications on behalf of the Town and Village.

Last year, the Village proposed nearly $5,000,000 worth of community improvements to include reimaging the former firehouse lot into a community park, adding multi-modal bike lanes, traffic calming color to crosswalks and introducing EV Charging and green infrastructure to the Back Lot, improving the parking behind the historic Main Street office, dining and retail businesses.

The goal this year is to present the Regional Economic Development Council with more than $30,000,000 worth of strategic and eco-friendly investments that may transform the Town and Village targeted areas. Project concepts will draw from the Town and Village Joint Comprehensive Plan, and the State and National Historic Registry Designation 2019, Waterfront Recreation Asset Plan 2016, Long-Term Recovery Plan 2014, New York Rising 2014, Healthy Streets Concepts 2013, Central Bridge Hamlet Plan, and Village Design Standards 2001.

A series of interactive, inclusive public engagement activities will also be organized and cooperatively hosted to fully engage residents and the business community. The cooperative DRI and NYF effort will host pop-up events at summer concerts, ice cream socials, and engage on social media platforms and at public meetings. SEEC has offered to host an Open House Monday – Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, at 287 Main Schoharie for residents and business owners to stop in to hear more about the shared visioning and proposed strategic investments inviting feedback on the DRI and NYF proposals.

To help centralize the information around this effort, SEEC has made a webpage that currently offers an email sign-up to help share updates and survey access. The page also currently offers a form where residents can submit feedback to help shape the vision of the overall application.

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